OLI Workshops 2020-21

The OLI workshops that we may offer for fall and winter 2020-21 are being developed and will be based on demand. We expect to begin in early November.


Below is our syllabus of topics, for which we have background. Topics requiring an expert or more, and who we have on the sidelines, are marked with an “E”. Language facilitation to be supplied is marked with an “F”.

A. Building our Scientific Literacy in Health Innovation
  1. State-of-the-art for viral vaccines, therapeutics and other anti-virals ~ E
B. Using Science and Technology to Address Climate Change
  1. The surge in micro-grid energy sources and their applications for rural development ~ E
  2. Can multilateral agreements unite the world in the fight against climate change? ~ E
C.  Deciphering International Affairs and Foreign Policy
  1. Perspectives on Chrystia Freeland’s Plutocrats (2012).
D. English for engineers, scientists and others.  Enhancing our literary and debating skills.
  1. Was Shakespeare a cover?

The authorship question brews on with toil and trouble. This workshop is organized to encourage participants to debate in a courteous manner, add new words to their English vocabulary and heighten understanding of a key historical moment. Participants will be asked to present their perspectives using slides or documents that they share with others. For those who don’t know how to do this, we will show you. If your English language skills need more polish, this OLI workshop may be one source of practice.

E. Kick-Starting or Dusting Off Other Language skills ~ F
  1. Informal, French conversation – Bonjour!
  2. Informal, Spanish conversation – ¡Hola!
  3. Informal, Swedish conversation – Hejdå!

Prices and timing

  • Where an “E” is indicated, outside experts are required and the final price will be determined by taking their quotes into account. This price will start at a minimum of $CAD 50/h per person, but may be quite a bit higher depending on the learning needs of participants.
  • For the language workshops, a fluent speaker will act as animator and a drop-in scheme applies. Our current price is $CAD15/h, per person, for up to 5 learners per workshop.
  • Non-language OLI workshops not marked with an “E” cost CAD$10/h.

Minimal technology

Participants will require high-speed Internet access, a device (computer/laptop, tablet or mobile phone), headset with microphone, or a built-in microphone in a private, quiet setting. OLI workshops are an hour long.  The length of time for presentation and discussion will be about 45 minutes.

Is anything for free?

Normally, we are happy to provide up to 1 hour of free, one-on-one training, including on how to make on-line payments. Contact us to book a time.

Why OLI workshops instead of on-line courses?

  • Our OLI workshops are designed to allow everyone – facilitators, experts, participants – to talk, make presentations, engage in live Q&A and network. Unlike webinars, our workshops are oriented to small groups.
  • OLI workshops provide a rehearsal platform in the on-line space. Your on-line participation, delivery and language will be enhanced with practice.
  • OLI workshops are often attended by existing professionals with a wish to interact with peers.
  • Networking among attendees is encouraged.
  • Our workshops are informal, oriented to the development of your marketability. There will be no tests unless requested.

Your suggestions welcome

Please feel encouraged to be in touch with us on any of the topics above. If you have a subject you wish to see included in the syllabus, let us know.